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January 31 2018

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#BlackPanther red carpet  

The ‘Black Panther’ Red Carpet Put Every Other Hollywood Premiere to Shame

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why not both?

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January 30 2018

October 28 2017




most of the metric system is great and all but honestly fuck celsius

lemme explain smthn: farenheit is human-centered.

in celsius, you have to use the dumb fucking scale of “0 = ???, 40 = hot as shit” like damn that’s some exponential curve stuff

but with farenheit it’s simple af. 0 is v cold. 100 is v hot. the end.

celsius makes sense for water, but am i water? no, im human.

stop being smug for using a shit temperature system.

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10 years

But it’s 2016

but it wont be in the future 

It is time

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me af

All that Activia and Jamie Lee Curtis still don’t give a shit about your feelings.

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No, I never killed anyone. Yes, it was hot over there. You’re welcome for my service.

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I’ve,, made a Draw the Squad meme,, with this,,

Keep the Wolves Outside By Living Well by amycarey | chapter 4 of 12


An under-qualified nanny. A troubled child. A mysterious, prickly employer. A small town teeming with secrets. A love story. A ghost story.

A Gothic Romance AU.

October 27 2017

You will be ‘too much’ for some people. Too loud, too soft. Too this, too that. But you’ll always be perfect for the peeple who need you.
(via wnq-anonymous)
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Inktober: Days 22 & 23

(click the images for better quality if they seem blurry)

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i stan only netflix and this guy

October 26 2017

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All That Glitter with Sonequa Martin-Green (behind the scenes of her CBS Watch! Magazine photoshoot)

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Wow! I- I didn’t see you come in.

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So somebody pointed out that those “DISCO” shirts wouldn’t really work so well on other ships, and, well… inspiration struck, I’m afraid.

Ok, i’m gonna need Sisko in a “DEEP” shirt now….

I don’t know what you’re all complaining about, this is the best thing to ever happen.

Suzan the Battle Pig


So, I’m in a campaign where everyone starts as level 0 commoners and we all flail around trying not to die horribly for as long as possible. Somehow, amidst all this carnage, an unexpected hero joined us.

DM: you are ambushed by three angry Gnolls. What do you do?

Dwarf herder (me): *looks through inventory* wait…I have a sow?

DM: Yep. You’re a herder.

Herder: Imma try and get her to attack the Gnolls.
*rolls a d20 and gets an 18*

DM: ok, she attacks. Roll a d4 for damage.

Herder: *rolls 4*

DM:….your pig kills the Gnoll.

Herder: I’m naming this sow Suzan the Battle Pig. Good job, Suzan!


Herder: *dies by another angry Gnoll*

Me: wait, can Suzan still fight?

DM: roll persuasion to see if your other character can convince her to help.

Me: *rolls nat20*

DM: Suzan is filled with rage and discovers an insatiable hunger for Gnoll flesh. She now attacks with a d6.

Suzan: *kills the remaining Gnoll boss and Gnoll magician*

Me: Suzan is gonna eat the Gnolls

DM:…ok, she eats the big one and gains 5XP and one point of luck. She’s too full to eat the other one.

Me: Suzan carries the magic Gnoll with her.

~~~~one short rest later~~~~

Me: can Suzan eat her Gnoll now?

DM:….oh right, you did say you carried that. Sure.
As Suzan eats the magic Gnoll, she feels a rush of magical energy in her mind. Her brain is rebuilt by this magic so that she has….
*rolls d20 and gets a 15*
Oh, for fu–Suzan has 15 intelligence now and the ability to cast spells. Congratulations.

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