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April 28 2020


a throwback to his design from the 1941 cartoon “elmer’s pet rabbit”! he had yellow gloves in another cartoon before that from 1939, but they said they took the inspiration from the first short


I have one complaint… why are Bugs Bunny’s gloves Yellow?


this is the first time ive seen someone try to bring back a classic era cartoon but has actually watched and understood what made the originals appealing rather then saying ‘yeah ive heard of it’ and guessing

they look like they actually put in the effort and the passion needed


HBOmax just released a trailer for looney tunes cartoons! may 27th!!!


He’s right and he should say it


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April 27 2020



Your sixth most recent emoji is how your guardian angel feels about you












i love it when you accidentally meet eyes with a stranger in public and you flash a quick polite smile and they look at you like they wish you were dead in a ditch

I’ve seen this several times on my dash and always with southerners being confused in the tags why the rest of the US is like this, and as a southerner, I have to say, SAME. Like, there’s plenty to hate about the south, don’t get me wrong, but at least in general we have public courtesy down to a science. I ordered at a Sonic out West once and the guy specifically had someone take over his headset so he could come out and shake my hand because he was from Tennessee and it was the first time since he moved West that he heard anyone say “Yes sir.” And it’s just…. Automatic for me? And this polite smile thing, people will jump and glare and I’m just trying to be friendly not awkward? What else is a socially anxious southern child to do upon accidentally making eye contact? Look down and hurry away? Isn’t that rude??? Someone explain why is smiling met with such anger I am confused and afraid.

Exactly!! When I moved to Missouri I was baffled at how rude everyone is! Like I saw someone I knew at Walmart and stopped to chat and they didn’t even stop! They just went ‘hi’ and moved on. Like????

And when I moved here I made cookies for the neighborhood, cuz that’s what you do and the first place I went they said “we don’t eat things with sugar” and shut the door.

Like why do y’all hate everyone so much?

I’m Canadian and am also confused

Well yeah everyone knows Canadians are the friendliest people in the world

I’m from Indiana and I’m pretty sure if you don’t talk to someone you know In Wal-Mart for at least 5 minutes you go to jail

No but that would still be rude in kentucky

You are expected to talk for at least 15 minutes, say goodbye (like, a “take care y’all, tell me how that knee is doin”) and then you talk for another ten minutes, move a little further apart and say goodbye again (“well I better get going tell your nana I said hi”) and then you talk for a while and say goodbye one more time (“I’ll see y’all at church on Sunday/school/Jo-mart/Nana’s funeral”) and move on to the next person

And don’t even get me started on food etiquette

It’s not a south v. west thing, it’s a city thing. That’s why New Yorkers are the purest version of this. And it’s why I get both sides.

I grew up in a small town in Northern California, and it was proud of all the small town things – “you can leave your door unlocked” and all that. I got a job for a while as a bank teller, and this coworker of mine had moved there from New York.

I liked him (I tend to get along with folks) but a lot of people thought he was rude. “short” “impatient” even “brusk” were some descriptions of him, not just from our coworkers, but from the bank customers too. They complained because he always rushed them, never wanted to make small talk, etc.

One day I was working next to him, and I heard him verbally pushing yet another customer along, just racing him through the transaction against his will, and I thought, I’m gonna say something to him about it.

As soon as the customer left though, before I could say anything, my coworker goes “damn I hate people like that, get to  the front of the line and want to tell me their whole life story. So RUDE!”

So I say something like, how is he the one that was rude to you?

And goes, like he can’t believe how stupid I’m being, “ not to me, to all those people in line behind him that want to finish up here and get on with the rest of their day! You’re at the bank, you know why you’re here, you step up, you do a polite greeting and get the fuck down to business. Everybody has shit to do, and they can’t do it until you shut up about your life story that zero people drove down here to listen to. It’s so selfish! I can’t stand people like that”
Since then, I’ve lived in San Francisco, and L.A., and Montgomery Alabama, and Germany and Portland and Oakland and a bunch of little ass towns like Suisun Ca, and Kenwood and all kinds of places, Santa Cruz and Rohnert Park. And I’ve thought about the thing that guy started me noticing.

It’s true. The closer in to a city (and the larger the city) the more the concept of polite changes from “how you are effecting the person you are communicating with” to “how you are effecting the people packed in around you”

In Oakland there are like, zero grocery stores (Oakland is literally documented as a “food desert”) and so the best grocery store in Berkeley is also a favorite grocery store of Oakland residents and it is… full.

You’ll spend a full 30 minutes in the snake of cars circling around in the parking lot waiting for somebody to finish shopping and leave so a parking spot opens up. Once inside, it’s more of the same. Shopping carts are cart-front to ass cheek. You literally can’t reach onto a shelf for a box of cereal without waiting for somebody to give you a break in traffic. Sometimes you get stuck standing in a single spot for several minutes, boxed in on all sides.  I’ve only been twice, and I swear to all holy gods that if I saw two people trying to catch up on chit chat while we all tried to maneuver around them, I would been reaching for my murdering stick. It’s called skype motherfuckers, go the fuck home and talk to each other, jfc, the rest of us are trying to make a deadline for some other shit we gotta get done today.

Now, going back home, to small town Nor Cal, yeah, I don’t want to be rude, I’m gonna stop and say hi, I’m gonna ask about your family, I’m gonna rack my brain and remember that you had a sick cat or a trip you were trying to take or an interest in boats, and I’m gonna ask about that shit, fuck yeah tell me about how the tomatoes are coming in this year, I hear the birds are worse than ever.

Anyway, city folk ain’t rude, they just polite different; suitable for city life.

This is such a great explanation, and really important.

what’s really weird is living in a mid-sized city surrounded by cornfields in the midwest so you go through the “hey, how are you,” “not so bad, you?” “pretty good” at light speed before launching into a business interaction.

I have also heard it explained that the rudest thing you can do to city folk is waste their time, and that’s pretty damn accurate.




honestly? keanu reeves should have been in the MCU by now

honestly keanu reeves should’ve been doctor strange

marvel wouldn’t even need to spend money on cgi because keanu reeves can just do that

April 26 2020

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#a badass

Never forget the time Toph Beifong was the first person ever to bend a material previously believed to be unbendable and she did it out of pure spite.


We also know the consequences of an unaddressed pandemic.


You’ll notice that LGBT pride parades are being cancelled, and LGBT people are not complaining and calling it an injustice.

Meanwhile, Christians are calling it an injustice that churches are being closed, and conservatives are calling it an injustice that stay at home orders exist.

That’s because LGBT people actually experience injustices, so they know when an injustice is happening. They face way too many injustices to label everything they don’t like as an injustice. And they’re not defying social distancing orders to have the parade anyway.


I mean, academic standards in Welsh medium schools are higher than those in English medium schools in Wales, but whatever, Tories


Because that didn’t have long-lasting devastating effects on the island of Ireland, did it?


Maybe if the Scots would man up and start putting bombs in people’s cars like the Irish did they wouldn’t be in this situation.


Actually maybe the whole UK should just break apart cuz cmon its as pointless as a circle


Now you’re talking💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺


First off, this is literal bullshit they’re spreading, multilingualism is very beneficial. And secondly, I am still livid about the destruction of Welsh language and culture at the hands of the English. If you’re coming for Scottish Gaelic, I will fucking cut you.

Better yet, maybe it’s time for Scotland to consider breaking away and (re)joining the EU.


So a political party wants to ban the native language of the country’s pre-colonial peopleand culture, in favour of the language of the people who colonised them, arguing that it would harm academic achievements to just keep teaching both. That’s… that’s great. That doesn’t remind anyone of the English effort to destroy Welsh culture (and their resistance to being colonised) by banning the use of Welsh in schools. That’s not indicative of anything deeply worrying or anything. Great stuff.


The Tories now going full on anti-Gaelic.

Educate yourself on their arguments, and learn how to counter them.

April 25 2020




The most effective method for trolling your enemies is to seduce their off-spring.




making fun of dragon age fans for their ridiculously overblown political science phd level callouts of various characters is low hanging fruit but like they HAVE lore. The Warcraft series has like plato’s allegory of the cave constructed of misogyny a blue lives matter bumper sticker and some dryer lint instead

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Banana in an aluminium foil, Oilpaint on flat panel. Credits: Rutger Hiemstra

M not gonna lie, it took me a minute to realize it was a painting.. not a banana in an aluminum foil

Needs a banana for scale

April 24 2020

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Emilia Clarke complimenting Iain Glen a.k.a. #emilia giving iain feels
→ requested by @toas-tea

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ill leave this here


Free him.

April 23 2020

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The minor indignities Aethyta endures for love.

(Credit to @skyllianhamster for an incredible commission!)


@raven-201​ really gets the very essence of this ship.


I can’t believe I read this post with my own fucking eyes



April 22 2020



Opens an ancient elven tomb that hasn’t been disturbed in centuries.

Finds a helmet that can only be worn by qunari and Hard in Hightown: Chapter 5.

from the back of your party varric says “oh that’s where i left it”

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